English Speakers_GetReady Snowshoe Training - Safety aspects and techiques for Snowshoe Tours (21-0122-01)

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English Speakers_GetReady Snowshoe Training

  • Führen & Leiten - GetReady - Schneeschuhwandern
  • Safety aspects and techiques for Snowshoe Tours
  • Veranstalter: Alpenverein- Akademie
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The course prepares you in theory and practice for the challenges on winter hikes. As an accomplished snowshoer, you improve your hiking technique and get prepared on how to guide snowshoe tours. Using concrete examples, you can easily learn how to work with „Stop or Go©“ stragedy.

The area is covered by AV-Map >31/3 Brennerberge, Ski<, available from leo.wurzer@alpenverein.at, or from the AAC(UK) Office.



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