Übungsleiter Training for English Speakers (Übungsleiter Training for English Speakers)

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Übungsleiter Training for English Speakers

Übungsleiter Trainingzoom

Sound basic training in alpine sports for guiding groups

Übungsleiter (ÜL) courses of the Alpenverein are the first level of the modular sports training system in Austria and at that a solid foundation for all further training (e.g. Instruktor). The medium-term goal of the Alpenvereins's Übungsleiter training programme is to ensure that alpine events in the AV sections are led exclusively by trained and certified guides (Tourenführer*innen).

Participant evaluation takes place continuously throughout the entire course. A transparent catalogue of 5 key qualifications ensures an objective and clear assessment of the participants.

The training focusses primarily on the topic of leadership, not teaching skills. Übungsleiter are qualified according to uniform guidelines and certified to guide and train Alpenverein members and Alpenverein groups in their respective field of expertise.

The specific admission requirements for Übungsleiter trainings are listed in the detailed description of the respective Übungsleiter training. General criteria for participating are:

General criteria for the participation in Übungsleiter trainings:

  • Minimum age of 16 years
  • Physical and mental fitness
  • Profound skills and experience in the respective sport
  • Basic theoretical knowledge
  • Excellent performance and motivation
  • Pedagogical and social skills

Most Übungsleiter trainings (see course descriptions) require a documentation of alpine experience in the form of a Tourenbuch (list of tours). Prerequisite for enrolling in the ÜL Skihochtour training is having passed the ÜL Skitour training.

Übungsleiter Bergwandern curriculum

Übungsleiter Skitouring curriculum

Übungsleiter Skihochtouren curriculum

Übungsleiter Hochtouren curriculum

Übungsleiter Mountainbike curriculum



Bild zu 22-0115-01: English Speakers_Übungsleiter Mountain Hiking
Führen & Leiten - Übungsleiter - Bergwandern

English Speakers_Übungsleiter Mountain Hiking

Safety and risk awareness when trekking with groups
Veranstalter: Alpenverein- Akademie
  • Plätze frei

You will be well trained in how to bring up groups to topics like surefootedness, balance and fitness in a methodical skilled way and gain an intensive first aid course.

Für Mitglieder
€ 1.020,00
Für Nicht-Mitglieder
€ 1.092,00
Für Funktionäre
€ 265,00
Bild zu 22-0116-01: English Speakers_Übungsleiter Mountainbike
Führen & Leiten - Übungsleiter - Mountainbike

English Speakers_Übungsleiter Mountainbike

Veranstalter: Alpenverein- Akademie
  • Plätze frei

You learn to plan tours safely and nature-friendly. Driving technique as well as equipment are likewise focal points of this training.

Für Mitglieder
€ 1.105,00
Für Nicht-Mitglieder
€ 1.189,00
Für Funktionäre
€ 265,00


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