Update Training for English Speakers (Update Training for English Speakers)

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Update Training for English Speakers

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Advanced training exclusive for tour leaders and youth leaders (Tourenführer*innen and Jugendleiter*innen)

„Update“ means refreshing and upgrading. Techniques and doctrines change, gear requirements are fine-tuned, norms discussed, knowledge and skills need to be refreshed. In addition to your high-quality Übungsleiter training, your continuous training is one of our main concerns, since you are a key player in your section. Updates also serve as a means to fulfill your obligation to get further training in your capacity as Tourenführer*innen - one course out of the many offered by the Akademie in every 4 years.

During an Update, Tourenführer*innen (tour leaders), Jugendleiter*innen (youth leaders) and Familiengruppenleiter*innen (family group leaders) will be familiarized with the state of the art as well as latest trends and news in their respective field - a helpful and relevant quality assurance tool for the courses offered by the sections and alpine clubs. Furthermore teaching content quality can be improved significantly since only participants with a certain qualification are admitted to the respective Update.



Bild zu 23-0032-01: English Speakers_Update Snowshoe Hiking
Führen & Leiten - Update - Schneeschuhwandern

English Speakers_Update Snowshoe Hiking

Veranstalter: Alpenverein-Akademie
  • Plätze frei

Refreshment of basic avalanche skills on snowshoe tours



Für Mitglieder
€ 894,00
Für Nicht-Mitglieder
€ 952,00
Für Funktionäre
€ 225,00
Bild zu 23-0019-01: English Speakers_Update Skitouring & Nature Study
Führen & Leiten - Update - Skitouren

English Speakers_Update Skitouring & Nature Study

Veranstalter: Alpenverein-Akademie
  • 2 Plätze frei

Skitouring under environmental aspects



Für Mitglieder
Für Nicht-Mitglieder
Für Funktionäre
€ 250,00
Bild zu 23-0073-01: English Speakers_Update Hochtour Crossing
Führen & Leiten - Update - Hochtouren

English Speakers_Update Hochtour Crossing

Planning and carrying tours in glaciated mountains
Veranstalter: Alpenverein-Akademie
  • Plätze frei

A high level training for ambitious alpinists.

Für Mitglieder
Für Nicht-Mitglieder
Für Funktionäre
€ 259,00
Bild zu 23-0105-01: English Speakers_Update Mountain Hiking Crossing
Führen & Leiten - Update - Bergwandern

English Speakers_Update Mountain Hiking Crossing

Hiking from hut to hut
Veranstalter: Alpenverein-Akademie
  • Plätze frei

You will learn how to plan and carry out multi-day hikes from hut to hut.

Für Mitglieder
Für Nicht-Mitglieder
Für Funktionäre
€ 240,00


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